Missing Maguindanao

I remember one public school official in Maguindanao telling me how good the opportunity was for me to visit so I could share good stories about their place and the people. I could not blame him as I had only heard about war and the criminal activities happening in that part of Mindanao then. But progress … More Missing Maguindanao

Art in ATL

Walking beneath the shade of trees and hearing the sound of birds inside an airport? Of course! This is one of many interesting sights that welcome visitors at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. You will immediately appreciate the city for loving arts as it displays different pieces from a history picture walkthrough to rock … More Art in ATL

Welcome to Hogwarts!

It was a thrill visiting Universal Studios Hollywood! My favourite ride was the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey. Fans of the book and of the movie series will definitely love being immersed in the world of wizardry from joining Quidditch to meeting the dementors. This is part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter … More Welcome to Hogwarts!


This is my first morning in Los Angeles, California and I am overjoyed to be with warm hosts in a cold weather 🙂 Looking forward to adventures in the next few days!

Sharing it forward

Keeping a record of my life’s adventures has never been a priority. Only until recently when I realised that more than giving myself an easy access to go back to these memories, I could actually help people out by sharing these experiences. … More Sharing it forward