Sharing it forward

img_0745Keeping a record of my life’s adventures has never been a priority. Only until recently when I realised that more than giving myself an easy access to go back to these memories, I could actually help people out by sharing these experiences.

It was back in 2015 when I first became interested to travel. I was sent to Australia by the organisation where I was working for so I had to apply for a passport. Travelling to Melbourne gave me an idea of how exciting travelling can be, meeting people and broadening your perspective of life. Since then, I promised myself to go on tour outside the country at least once every year. I have kept that promise and am looking forward to more adventures.

After that experience, I started researching about the different travel destinations in the Philippines and in Asia. I thought it is cheaper and would be a good learning experience. The resources available online were diverse; some proved to be helpful while some confused me even more. So I decided I should probably contact travel bloggers directly to get their advice but I did not get all their replies for reasons I have no idea of. But it was not all failure. Some responded nicely and one person became an easy resource whenever I travel up to know. I was inspired by this kindness and of the people I get directions from. I also figured that there are a lot of others who need information about something and that I could actually be one resource.

This is what ALOEventures is all about: sharing my experiences and finding inspiration in them.

Join me along!