In search of a kangaroo

I had the opportunity to visit Melbourne for a week in July, 2014. Arriving on a Sunday, our director brought us to a nearby park in the hope of seeing a kangaroo. It was pretty cold, the coldest I have experienced since. But despite the chill, plants are in brown and green. It was getting warmer apparently.

As we set foot in the area, we were greeted with this lovely view where bikers and joggers shared paths. It was an immediate mesmeriser. The tall trees covered the path while the leaves framed the sidewalks under.

IMG_0328.jpgWe enjoyed the leisurely afternoon walk around the park without following any direction. But I reckon spending a longer time to explore the entire place will be worthwhile if you are the type who enjoy walking, looking around people and the random things that happen. We got to see a football team practicing and children playing around. There were also signposts everywhere to guide visitors where to go and explore. It was cold so I did not think of getting all sweaty from the walk. IMG_0313.JPGWe were so engrossed with the beautiful view that we almost forgot what we were there for. Not until a kangaroo appeared and tested our visual acuity. There the kangaroo was, hiding behind the tallness of grass, eventually appearing in front of us looking straight to our direction. Yes, I finally saw one.. from a distance. Haha. Headache relief from a 12-hour plane ride.


PDOV: Yarra Trail, 07**14




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